MP lives and works in the Paris area. She studied architecture in France and the United States.

From 2008 she devoted herself fully to her artistic activity

MP claims an art of scattering. She uses sculpture as well as drawing, writing, video, sound, and photography, depending on the subjects and their adequacy with the chosen medium. In an increasingly complex world, she accepts to follow the movements of her intuition and takes the side roads that open to her and allow her a unique artistic path.

For her exhibitions, she creates dreamlike universes where she stages her objects made from recovery and often animated by small engines, accompanied by photos, videos, soundtracks. The spectator can then immerse himself in the installation and thus manipulate the sculptures so that they light up or produce new sounds and movements. 

She wrote an essay on art, which appeared in March 2021, “S’accrocher au monde”. (Hanging on to the World)

Portrait de Marianne Pascal

Mobile phone: +33 635 217 84

Mail: MP[a]

Lampes on-line exhibition: expo-de-lampes

9, rue campagne Premiere 75014 Paris