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2009 — 2023

(Sculptures, installations, photos, videos.) – Mystery, travel, high technology, childhood dreams.
The rockets accompany us in the past and the unknown.

The weight of memories
2015 — 2017

(Objects, sounds, installation) – Symbols of travel and of time passing, metaphor for all that one “lugs” with oneself, suitcases are here laid on the ground, as if in a station hall.
Each one of them is associated with the photo of a landmark place and is connected to a “dashboard” from which one revives the photo as in the flash of a memory.

2021 — 2024
Inner projections [the blue room]
(1980) — 2019

(paintings, sculptures and video) – From the bedroom wallpaper the arrows release themselves.

TV room

(6 Vidéos, mirrors, cathode ray tubes TVs and dvd’s players) – Between the wall of televisions and that of mirrors, we find ourselves trapped by the fascination of  screens. The video broadcasts remind us metaphorically of its limit, and utilize to put us in the abyss, the aesthetics of “snow”,  in which we know that a few photons from the fossil radiation of the big bang still remain.

The Egg
2014 — 2015

(Sculpture, photo)
A decompression sphere, a place for video viewing, and for protection.
From the outside, one cannot guess that a door is present, so one can lock her/himself in and disappear quietly from the surface of the earth.


(Objects, sounds, installation)
What do the smooth faces of these children of the Sixties tell us?

The electronic curtain

Behind the screen, we do not see what’s really happening, but do we want to know?


(Sculptures, installation, video, sound)
We are listening the passing of time, trapped between the past and the future, in limbo.


(Sculptures, sounds)
As if frozen in ice for eternity, each one of these exploded telephones creates a new story nourished by its past.